The American Revolution

I think something that would prompt me to be part of a revolution would be my rights as a citizen. If I’m not being treated the way others are being treated, and others feel the same way then that would be something that would motivate me and others to be part of a revolution.

The construction of the American Revolution wiki page shows that there was a lot debate, and dictatorship. It also shows that not everything was all fine and easy. It took a lot of guts for people to do what they do. So the wiki page showed how much courage, and determination about being treated equally.

I think that the revolution should be approached on something that is being done unfairly and unjustly. You can’t just think of a problem and then decide to throw the government out because of something stupid. So revolution should be approached when things start to get unfair otherwise try to make the adjustment.



For me the Bible has always been important to me. Growing up as a kid thats what my parents told me was the truth, the only truth. Even now as a teenager they still remind me that the only truth is from the word of God.  There are times when my parents ask me to do little things that I don’t wan’t to do because I’m too lazy or sometimes I feel that they purposely wait till I’m comfortable to do something. Most of the time I do what i’m told. But I feel that I can do better in that situation. I really like socializing with new people. I really like helping people with their problems. When a person is really struggling I really want to help them make sure that they are ok. I think that it does please God. Especially if the person is a non believer. God determines my life forever. He was the one who brought me into this world. I didn’t get to choose what life I got to live or where I got to live. So I feel that God really determines everything. I have always been taught that discipline is a way to correct someone for their actions. So as one gets older it’s important to understand that our actions have consequences, and we are responsible for them. Everybody in this world suffers. Sometimes there are people that say that they are good people and bad things happen to most of  the time. Then people say well if God loves his people then why on Earth does he let bad things happen to good people. What people don’t realize is that you can’t question the things that God has in stock for them. That’s just the way he has written this their lives. And we just have to learn to respect that.

American Lit.

I believe that the reason why we study American literature is because it helps us comprehend what was going on before our time period. I also think that American literature has so much history, and I feel that in order to understand in depth about American literature we have to back track and begin to study about the roots where American literature first started. This helps us understand the things that happened at the time from a person’s perspective. I think it’s interesting how people only know one side of American literature, but that they don’t know that there were many religious views mostly Christianity. I think that it’s very important that when one is studying about American literature they should learn about the growth, and about the history, but mostly about the religious views.

I expect to learn the history of it all, and also of the Christian views. There is so much to learn in English that I am excited for, mostly because there are topics that I have learned about before but only skimmed the surface of, but have never gone in depth about everything, and for me I don’t think thats the way to learn about anything. I’m really looking forward to learning more in-depth about American literature, things that will surprise me and make so engaged of it all that in the end I didn’t see it as work, but as valuable information.